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2016-03-10 15:55:38
BUY???? SELL????? WHAT TO DO!!!

Are you confused by all the media stories about real estate?

  • Inventory is low so you should sell your home … BUT…  if inventory is so low what am I going to buy if I sell my home?!!

  • Prices are going up—wait to sell and you’ll get more money!...BUT…  when everyone  decides NOW is the time put their home on the market  inventory will be higher and prices will level out!

  • Buy NOW before prices go up higher and while rates are low!...BUT…  Wait—rates will go lower!

 It’s all so confusing!!

Here’s the skinny!! 

  • Inventory is low and sellers are getting top dollar for what the market will give on their home which is higher than it has been in 7-9 years. Obviously buyers are finding homes to purchase as we are selling homes every day.

  • Prices are going higher but it is market driven and at some point those prices will level out—usually when inventory increases. Now is a great time to take advantage both as a seller and a buyer.  Sell while you can get a great price for your home and buy before prices go up even more!

  • We wish we could tell you rates will not go any lower – if we knew that we could retire as billionaires!! They may slightly or may start going up.  Either way you will not see rates this low again in your lifetime—take advantage NOW!!

Give us a call.  Let’s take a look at your individual situation and decide what would be best for you.  It is a free consultation with no pressure or obligation.  This is about what is best for you! 


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BUY???? SELL????? WHAT TO DO!!!

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