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2016-04-25 19:29:49
FYI Kaysville, Utah residents

Soliciting in Kaysville

If a person(s) come to your door selling products or services, they need to have the Kaysville City Solicitors photo ID displayed (see example) or produce it when requested by an occupant of the home. If they are rude or disorderly, or if at any time you feel threatened, please ask them to leave and call the Kaysville Police Department IMMEDIATELY. If you do not want solicitors, place a 'No Solicitation' sign at your front door. It is a violation for solicitors to solicit at a home or business that bears a No Soliciting (or similar) sign.

Never allow a stranger into your home. If someone approaches your door and informs you that they are with a certain company request to see their company picture ID card and City issued solicitor's registration badge. Teach your children these safety tips.

Call the Kaysville Police Department (801-546-1131) if you observe suspicious persons or activities.

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